Benefits of Party Buses

Party Bus RentalWhen you are planning an epic night on the town, you need to decide how you are going to get around safely. It’s best to find alternatives for your night exploits to ensure that you and your party arrive at all of your destinations safely.

The most cost effective way to get around on your night of fun is to rent from a limo company. A stretch limo could satisfy all of your needs, but a better alternative for a night of fun would be a party bus. As one of the lead party bus rental companies, we want to share with you some of the benefits of renting a party bus from Joey’s Limousine.


A party bus is big enough to accommodate 14 passengers in the back. Large enough to fit everyone that you would want to experience a night on the town with

Easy entry

Because our party bus is a Mini Coach, it is easy to get in and out. No matter the heels or dresses, you can be sure to get in and out comfortably while not needing to climb high or too low into a car.

Perfect for all celebrations

Bridal Showers are well known for hiring party buses as the go around the city celebrating the bride. However, they can be used as prom transportation as well as basic transit when you want to have a safe, good time with the knowledge that you will be taken care of.


The idea behind a party bus is that you have space. Being able to move around in the van allows for the party to never stop as you move from place to place along your nightly plans.

Worry free

You will not need to worry about getting to and from your destination. We will take care of you from your start time to your end time.

Party Buses are often overlooked for many things, but it can be used for anything depending on what you need. When you book your party bus rental with Joey’s we will offer you quality at a decent price. Look into our Party Bus today!