What Vehicle Should You Rent?

Choosing to use a limousine service for your traveling needs is a fun and smart decision to make. For starters, it ensures safe and sober travel to and from wherever you need to go. This can be handy when you’re on your way to a bachelorette party, or you’re heading to a wedding following brunch. […]

Making Airport Travel Easier

Choosing a limo service to get you to and from the airport is always going to be a smart choice. It eliminates any worries or your car being touched while you’re away. It also prevents the guilty feeling of asking for a ride from somebody you know. For airport transportation in Worcester, you can simplify […]

Why Joey’s Limousine Service is the Best

There are so many limousine services in Massachusetts that it can be hard to pick. There’s a lot to take into consideration: where you’re going, when you’re leaving, how many people are riding with you, etc. Still, finding a limo company should be easy! With Joey’s Limousine Service, it is easy. Having been in business […]

Five Ways To Find The Best Limo For You

Everyone knows that getting a limo is a significant investment. You know you’ll need it, and it’s essential that you find a vehicle that works best for the event and your needs. So, where do you begin when you want to get a limousine in Worcester? Though there are plenty of choices, you can figure […]

Your Airport Transportation Checklist

When you need to get to an airport in style, using Joey’s Limousine Service for airport transportation is a no-brainer. We offer luxurious travel options for our clients and are happy to get them to the airport promptly and efficiently. While we’re ready to go, it’s essential for our clients to know that they have […]

Four Ways To Make The Most of Limousine Service

When you pay for a service, it’s always best to make the most of it when possible. Joey’s Limousine Service is still happy to provide our faithful patrons safe and efficient transportation. We love to see them have fun. If you’re renting from us, here are a few tips to make the most of a […]

Why You Should Plan A Prom Limousine Trip Early

We’re sure that as you read this, you can hardly picture sunny days and high temperatures. New England winters seem to last a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that spring isn’t right on the horizon! It’s one of the most exciting times of year for high school students: graduation, prom, and other exciting events all […]

Occasions Made Easier by Limousine Service

Planning an event can be stressful. There are plenty of details to look after, and the last thing you need is additional issues. However, there is a solution: limousine service! Over the years, Joey’s Limousine Service has served plenty of people and seen how useful our limos can be for occasions. If you’re planning one […]

This Is How We Make Transportation Personal

If they put the effort in, any company can gain the capital, experience, and vehicles necessary to provide adequate party bus rental or other transportation services. Unfortunately, many businesses miss the mark on a crucial component: customer service. You see, Joey’s Limousine Service always strives to make our customers happy. You can guarantee that any […]

What Should You Keep in Your Wedding Limo?

We’ve been a go-to limousine company for wedding transportation in Worcester for so long; our team knows the ins and outs of the business. We want you to feel comfortable and prepared for your wedding day, so here are some must-haves we think you should have in your limousine the day of your wedding! Emergency […]