Are These Top 3 Bachelorette Details Covered?

Before the wedding day, there is still one last night of fun before you walk down the aisle. The bachelorette party is a great time to celebrate your future marriage with your closest friends, and this means that you need to plan how you want your big party night to go and have it be […]

Benefits of Party Buses

When you are planning an epic night on the town, you need to decide how you are going to get around safely. It’s best to find alternatives for your night exploits to ensure that you and your party arrive at all of your destinations safely. The most cost effective way to get around on your […]

Questions to Ask Any Limo Company

It is important that while any limo company might seem amazing at first glance, they can answer all the basic questions you should as your limousine service could be reliant on the questions you ask. Are you licensed and insured? This goes for pretty much every company you plan to work with, whether it is […]

The Joey’s Difference

Booking a limousine for special occasions or a night out should be something that you initially know where you book from. With the right company you know and feel as though you are the center of their current block of time. The importance of good limousine Service in MA is to feel as though you […]

Getting to Prom in Style

Prom is a key memory for many as they move forward in their high school careers. A night of romance, fun, drama (though hopefully not too much) and something that should ultimately be the best night of their life. As a quality limousine service in Worcester, MA we are the company to call. We have […]

Why choose Joey’s for your next airport trip.

When you have flights to make it is important to have reliable transportation every step of the way. Looking into your options for airport transportation you have a few different ones. Each has pros and cons but they are still valuable options. The first option is driving yourself into the airport. This option is useful […]

How did your limo get here?

As you plan on booking with a limousine service you may find yourself wondering how luzurious your limo will be. With the built in bars and lights limos today are pretty nice. You can control if you see the driver or have complete privacy in the back, the lights can adjust based on your mood, […]

Consider Party Bus Rentals for Your Spring Wedding

Of all the rental options to consider for your wedding day, don’t forget to pick the rental that allows you to arrive in style. If you’ve been thinking of creative ways to move your friends and family from location to location, you should consider party bus rentals in Worcester to make your big day stress-free […]

Benefits of Airport Transportation in Worcester, MA

As the #1 limousine company for airport transportation in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, Joey’s has worked to accommodate the needs of our customers. We know how important it is to offer airport transportation in Worcester, but if you’re finding yourself weighing the pros and cons, here are some benefits to consider. 1) Saves time. […]