Occasions Made Easier by Limousine Service

Planning an event can be stressful. There are plenty of details to look after, and the last thing you need is additional issues. However, there is a solution: limousine service! Over the years, Joey’s Limousine Service has served plenty of people and seen how useful our limos can be for occasions. If you’re planning one […]

This Is How We Make Transportation Personal

If they put the effort in, any company can gain the capital, experience, and vehicles necessary to provide adequate party bus rental or other transportation services. Unfortunately, many businesses miss the mark on a crucial component: customer service. You see, Joey’s Limousine Service always strives to make our customers happy. You can guarantee that any […]

What Should You Keep in Your Wedding Limo?

We’ve been a go-to limousine company for wedding transportation in Worcester for so long; our team knows the ins and outs of the business. We want you to feel comfortable and prepared for your wedding day, so here are some must-haves we think you should have in your limousine the day of your wedding! Emergency […]

Tips for Traveling Easier this Holiday Season

Getting around to your loved ones’ homes during the holiday season is stressful enough. Not only are flights already expensive and booked well in advance, but there is also always a chance that weather or some other unforeseen circumstance could make it all even worse. We have seen it when providing airport transportation in the […]

Tips for More Efficient Business Travel

Business travel is stressful. You are often headed to a conference or presentation and are preoccupied with essential aspects of your job. The last concerns you should have are about the logistics of your travel to and from your destination. Joey’s has a few suggestions to make your trip a little more efficient and save […]

Why Rent a Party Bus in Worcester for Your Birthday?

It’s that time again- time to decide what you want to do to ring in another birthday! You’re another year older and another year wiser, which means you now understand all of the ways renting a party bus or limousine for your birthday could be the perfect addition to the evening. Don’t believe us? Joey’s […]

What Kind of Events Can Joey’s Accommodate?

With over 70 years of service under our belts, the team at Joey’s Limousine is experienced in all sorts of services and events. Some companies out there might specialize in just one thing, but we want to be everyone’s go-to for all limousine services. Here are just a few of the different events we provide […]

What Joey’s Can Save You

When you are traveling in the upcoming weeks or months, you might consider investing in airport transportation from Worcester to Logan for a variety of reasons. You might think the best option is driving yourself, but our team couldn’t disagree more. Customers return time and time again to Joey’s because of these ways we can […]

Why Book Your Wedding Limo Services Early?

  Weddings are one of the most important days of your life and also one of the most stressful. Joey’s Limousine has worked with hundreds upon thousands of brides and grooms throughout our 71 years of business, and we have seen the pressure these couples are under. One of the best ways to avoid getting […]

Reasons to Avoid Ride-Sharing Apps for Airport Transportation

  Airport transportation is stressful enough, and ride-sharing apps don’t ever make it easier. Joey’s Limo has worked with many customers who have told us their horror stories of using one, and it only adds to the list of reasons you should avoid using them. They’re not reliable Ride-sharing drivers are allowed to cancel your […]