Four Ways To Make The Most of Limousine Service

When you pay for a service, it’s always best to make the most of it when possible. Joey’s Limousine Service is still happy to provide our faithful patrons safe and efficient transportation. We love to see them have fun. If you’re renting from us, here are a few tips to make the most of a limousine service experience and enjoy the ride!


limousine service


1.) Bring company

Some people prefer to travel alone, so that’s fine if you don’t care much for this tip! In most cases, though, a road trip is more fun with friends or family. As you sit back and relax, you can catch up on gossip, drink responsibly, or even play small games. We suggest bringing people along for longer trips!


2.) Stock the vehicle

We have plenty of space in our limos to store beverages or other must-haves for the road. We welcome you to take advantage of it, so be sure to stock up if the vehicle you’re using for a limousine service has the space available to make it happen.


3.) Use a company you trust

As with any service, the company you invest in needs to be trustworthy and personable when you need a limo. Make sure the company you call for a ride has a pleasant staff, reasonable prices, and quality customer service. Luckily, Joey’s Limousine Service is here to satisfy all of those requirements – and then some!


4.) Plan your route

You probably have a destination in mind already. However, if there’s a spare route or rest stop you need to make, it’s better to be ready for it ahead of time. If you plan on making a stop, call your driver and make sure that they know about the detours. It’ll make the ride smoother, and you’ll get to hit every spot.



Joey’s Limousine Service encourages you to take full advantage of any limousine service, so give us a call at (800)-286-9575 and see where we can bring you today!