Getting to Prom in Style

Prom is a key memory for many as they move forward in their high school careers. A night of romance, fun, 6 Person Limodrama (though hopefully not too much) and something that should ultimately be the best night of their life. As a quality limousine service in Worcester, MA we are the company to call. We have a few wonderful options for your children to ride to prom in with their group.

Our first option is a typical limo. It is a Lincoln Limousine. This particular limo with fit 8-9 members of your child’s prom crew comfortably with 6 doors to get in and out. With black leather, mood lighting and a stereo system this limo is the way to go when your child wants a classic ride to the biggest night of their high school life.

Our professionals next option is the 6 passenger Lincoln limo. Once again boasting 6 doors and a black leather interior, this silver limo is the epitome of style for the prom. Inside has the same mood lighting and stereo system as the last so your children will feel like the kings or queens of the prom going there and back.

The last option we recommend for your child’s prom experience would be the 14 Passenger Mini Coach. This is a party bus rental, which is every child’s dream ride to prom in. With the silver exterior and mood lighting inside your kids can be sure to have the best night of their life being able to spread out in our Party Bus making sure that the fun doesn’t end when the prom does.

These options are perfect for every individual’s prom night needs. Whether you have a large group or a small group we can suit any of your needs. Our professional drivers will ensure that you are met with quality service, on time scheduling and a perfect evening that your children will be sure to remember for years to come. By being able to provide one of the best limousine service in Worcester, we will work for you to make sure that everything goes smoothly to get there and back.

Orders book quickly so make sure that you book early to ensure the prom of a lifetime. You won’t regret it when you work with Joey’s Limousine.