Myths About Party Buses

For those who are considering renting a party bus in Worcester for the first time might be a little hesitant Party Bus Rentalbecause of rumors they have heard about party buses in the past. Joey’s Limousine wants our customers to be informed and know there are many misconceptions out there about this industry. For some of our most heard myths, we want to debunk some of the most important!

Party bus companies are undependable

Like with all businesses out there, it is easy for one bad experience to reflect on how you view an industry. Before booking any party bus, be sure to do additional research on the company and their services to ensure they are liability and reputable.

They are expensive

Different companies offer different packages, and when you have a good number of passengers who are committed to the ride, it can be far less expensive than you imagined! Take the time to do the math for your guests’ payments and see how affordable it can be.

They are not maintained

Joey’s Limousine has over 70 years of experience, and our businesses wouldn’t have the reputation or recognition we do if our party buses were not in tip-top shape. They are professionally cleaned, consistently serviced, and are in pristine condition.

It’s a free-for-all

Though we might see movies on TV about how free-spirited limos and their drivers are, anyone with a working knowledge of the industry knows that is simply not the case. There are rules that pertain to our fleet to ensure the safe travels of all involved.

Joey’s Limousine is a 70-year-old business that offers fantastic party bus rentals in Worcester for all occasions. Our team of professional drivers will ensure you get to and from your destination safely all while you enjoy your time with your friends while using some of our superior amenities.

With more questions about our services and availability, please contact us today at (800) 286-9575.