Questions to Ask Any Limo Company

It is important that while any limo company might seem amazing at first glance, they can answer all the basic questions you should as your limousine service could be reliant on the questions you ask.

Are you licensed and insured?

This goes for pretty much every company you plan to work with, whether it is for a wedding or a night out on the town. By being licensed and insured, you know you are in good hands with their professionals and their vehicles. Also, it will make sure that should something happen to you while in their care, it will not fall back to your insurance.

How do you charge, per hour or by distance?

Similar to any chauffeur, it is important to know how the company will be charging you. If you are going short distances but will have a few hours in between the initial pick-up and drop-off to the next, charging by distance may be better than paying for a block of hours.

Packages? Minimum time?

If you are planning for a wedding, checking for special wedding deals is ideal. The minimum time is also important; this goes for packages and just everyday travel. It will take the stress out of your event or travel if you understand all potential limitations of their services.

What cars are included in your fleet? What model and year?

The model question is basic. You want to know what they offer in their fleet. Whether they offer town cars, stretch limos, a Rolls Royce, or other types of vehicles that you can choose from. You also want to know how old the cars are that you will be riding in. Are they relatively new models of a couple of years old?

Do you offer a contract? Is there a deposit? How much and what is the payment type accepted?

A signed contract will guarantee that the limo you book, especially for a wedding will be guaranteed to you. When you go to book your limo you also need to find out if you need to put down a deposit. With this information also find out if the deposit is cash, check, or credit. They will tell you how much of the full cost is the deposit and how to pay, which will also be how they will accept final payment as well. This is pretty much all the basic stipulations that could come with booking your limo.

How long have you been in business?

Ask them straight out how long they have been in business, as well. The longer they have been in business; the more reviews you can find as well as a longer list of references.

All of these questions are to protect you from hiring a limousine service that is under par for whatever celebration you need them for. At Joey’s Limousine, we welcome you to give us call to make schedule an appointment to talk with us about your limousine needs.