Reasons to Avoid Ride-Sharing Apps for Airport Transportation


airport transportation worcesterAirport transportation is stressful enough, and ride-sharing apps don’t ever make it easier. Joey’s Limo has worked with many customers who have told us their horror stories of using one, and it only adds to the list of reasons you should avoid using them.

They’re not reliable

Ride-sharing drivers are allowed to cancel your ride at almost any time. If you’re running late to an important event or meeting? It doesn’t matter much to them. There is always a chance you will be waiting far too long for a driver that might not even show up.

They are not proficient in airport travel

Joey’s drivers have been working the greater Boston area for years, and they know their ins and outs when it comes to navigating Logan, Manchester-Logan, and other similar airports. These other drivers? There’s always a chance it’s their first trip to the airport, ever.

They are not trained in safety

Safety should always be a top priority for those investing in a car service, and unfortunately, those ride-sharing apps do not guarantee the safety and ability of their drivers. Is a cheap ride worth the risk of a potential car accident? We can’t imagine it ever would be.

They might not be allowed at your airport of travel

Unless they meet specific qualifications and have the appropriate authorization, most Uber and Lyft drivers aren’t actually allowed at arrivals at most airports, including Logan. Only work with businesses who are fully certified to enter the airport and ensure your safe arrival and departure.

Finding reliable and safe airport transportation in Worcester is easy when you have a business like Joey’s Limo around. Since 1946, we have been getting our customers to and from their destinations in style, and we would love to make your next trip to the airport an unforgettable experience.

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