The Joey’s Difference

Booking a limousine for special occasions or a night out should be something that you initially know where you book from. With the right company you know and feel as though you are the center of their current block of time. The importance of good limousine Service in MA is to feel as though you are not a number, but rather the royals of the day. At Joey’s Limousine, we share a passion that cannot be taken away. We love the job we do and that makes a difference in the service that we provide you on a day to day basis. We do this because we have values that have allowed us to become a success.

Family Values

Founded by Joseph Nozzolillo in 1946, the values have stayed the same. Joseph valued a limousine service that provided a unique, personal touch. As he got older he taught his son the same values. When his son took over, those values continued. Where we are a family company we have been able to pass down the family values for generations. There are no outside influences to disturb the service we provide.

Third generation

Jonathan Nozzolillo, the grandson of founder Joseph is the third generation of Nozzolillo’s to run Joey’s Limo. With the help of his siblings, Joseph and Leah, his family has become the main gear in keeping Joey’s Limousine Service the business it grew into for the past 70 years. With plans to continue in keeping the business in the family, you know that our families passion is in this for the long run.


Adding to our history and helping to allow us to give you a fantastic experience is our fleet. We have a variety of cars that will allow any occasion to be remembered. From Town Cars to Vans to the ever present Rolls Royce, our fleet makes all the difference to the services that we can off our customers. If we didn’t have reliable transportation, we wouldn’t be able to serve you like royalty.

Experience and success

Joey’s Limousine Service has had a long run at providing the services that we offer. Not many companies have been in business for 70 years. We are proud of our history which is why the future of Joey’s Limousine is bright. We have been met with success in the past and we learn from the past. Our customers are the top priority. Limousine Service in MA is our only business so we have been able to connect to the needs of our customers on a level that others do not.

When you go to book your limousine for any of your needs, be in a wedding, bachelor/bachelorette parties, prom, or just a ride to the airport, call Joey’s Limousine Service.