Tips for More Efficient Business Travel

Business travel is stressful. You are often headed to a conference or presentation and are preoccupied with airport transportation worcesteressential aspects of your job. The last concerns you should have are about the logistics of your travel to and from your destination. Joey’s has a few suggestions to make your trip a little more efficient and save you the stress:

1) Have your travel essentials pre-packed and ready to go

There are a lot of small but essential items of travel, such as toiletries and chargers. If you find yourself traveling often, had these items ready and stored in your suitcase saves you the hassle of planning and purchasing them at the last minute.

2) Avoid checking bags when possible

The additional time spent at baggage claim and the few instances where your bag is lost is enough of a deterrent to make the switch to carry-on bags. You will always know where your bag is and skip some of those pesky lines.

3) Have a checklist on hand before leaving your home or hotel for their airport

Getting all the way to the airport and finding out you forgot your ID, passport, or boarding pass is overwhelming! For the items kept outside of your luggage, have a checklist with you to ensure you’re ready for your journey.

4) Keep a work agenda with you

If you want to stay on track with some of your projects while traveling, bring an agenda with you and set some goals you would like to accomplish in your free time. You will be happy you did when you return to the office with some additional completed tasks!

5) Use airport transportation

Airport transportation takes many of the questions out of travel. Worry less about parking, terminals, rental cars, and navigating through an unknown city. With transportation, you can work from the back seat and rest well knowing you’re in the hands of an experienced driver.

Joey’s has been serving Worcester and the greater Boston area with superior limousine services for over 70 years. If you are looking for a reliable business with trained and skilled drivers, we would love to help make your business travel more accessible than ever before!

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